Articles for SCAN 2020/21

Instead of posting each article I have written for the Lancaster University student newspaper, SCAN, in the past academic year, I’ve decided to do one post with a short summary of the writing I’ve done for the paper up until the creation of this website. During the next academic year, 2021/22, I hope to be posting the articles I write individually as soon as they have been published in the paper.

As Deputy Editor of SCAN Screen, this is the section I’ve written the most articles for, including;

  • A Short Introduction to Scandinavian TV – This is exactly what it sounds like: an article introducing different Scandinavian series in different genres. In this article, I focused on including a variety of genres to appeal to more people, and also on writing about the shows in an engaging, spoiler-free manner.
  • Euphoria Specials Review: A Bare and Honest Exploration of the Series’ Main Characters – After the release of the two highly anticipated Euphoria specials, I wanted to write an honest review of one of my personal favourite shows. Unlike the Scandinavian TV article, the focus was less on summarizing the show and remaining spoiler-free, and more on engaging with readers who have also seen the show.
  • The Best Foreign Language Series to Watch on Netflix – As someone who has grown up as part of a bilingual audience, watching TV and films in both English and Norwegian, I have a keen interest in non-English language TV. In this article I set out to recommend some foreign language series to readers of the section, again focusing on summarizing the shows, making them sound appealing and remaining spoiler-free.
  • How Are Medical Dramas Tackling the Pandemic – With Grey’s Anatomy, Chicago Med, and close to every other medical drama out there, choosing to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic, I wanted to do an investigative piece into why the producers of the shows found this representation important, and how the shows’ approaches differ.
  • What You Can Look Forward to in 2021 – Early in the year, I thought it would be a good idea to provide a brief overview of some of the films coming to the cinemas and streaming services in the coming year, especially with 2020 seeing many film releases be postponed. Here, I focused on briefly summarising what the films were about, why the reader should consider watching them, and providing some facts about production, actors and more.

I’ve also written articles for other sections of the paper, including Music, Lifestyle, and Fashion and Beauty.

  • 4 Amazing Christmas Songs You Might Not Have Heard Before – This article started with none of my friends knowing my all time favourite Christmas song. I decided to make a short list of some great, lesser known Christmas songs so that hopefully someone could discover some new tunes to add to their Christmas playlist.
  • Decoding Ingredients: What’s in my product? – This article was a collaborative article for Fashion and Beauty with several other writers. In my section about oxybenzone, I focused on keeping a simpler language than many of the scientific articles I read during my research to appeal to a larger audience. I also focused on keeping the information clear and concise, to not lose the reader’s attention.
  • Revision Techniques: How to Prepare for Your Exams – This was the very first article I wrote for SCAN, and I focused mainly on keeping an informal tone, expressing the importance of revising for exams, and giving advice on how to do so, without stressing out the reader further.

I will be updating this website with new writing and publications, thank you for checking out my work.

Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash

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