Localfolk – Oslo Issue

Since October 2021, I’ve been lucky to be working with Localfolk as a journalist and writer for their magazine.

Localfolk is a quarterly design magazine about local artisans, makers, designers, and entrepreneurs, each issue focusing on a particular city in Norway.

Working as a journalist for a Localfolk, interviewing different people from different backgrounds, and conveying their stories, has been an enriching experience.

You can find my articles on the following pages of the Oslo issue:

  • Conveying, touching, and connecting through art: Anne Britt-Kristiansen (p.130-135)
  • Kathrine Lindman: Capturing nature in jewellery (p.144)
  • Marianne Nygaard Palmberg: Positivity and nature in abstract art (p.145)
  • KarianneG: Bringing the past into the present (p.150-151)
  • Plesner Patterns: Patterns that capture moments in time (p.154-157)

Read Localfolk‘s Oslo issue here!

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